Testimonial from Maria Jocelyn Lim, MNSA
Manila, Philippines
March 2020
I have been consistently using David Smart, specially the Brain Booster session before I sleep. Sometimes, I fall asleep without finishing the session and so I believe that it continues to clear my mind, refreshing it for the next day’s challenges. I feel that David Smart helps me understand situations better and make decisions faster.One time, my aunt shared with me that she was having a hard time sleeping. I lent her David Smart and she said that on the second night, she was able to sleep even before the Sleep session ended.  She said that she felt that was energized upon waking up. >My officemate was bothered with many things going on with her business and her life and she was having a hard time sleeping. She used David Smart, starting with Meditation and then Sleep sessions. On the third night of use, she was able to have a rested sleep and was able to sort things out with a clearer mind.

Testimonial from Leona Long

Alaska, US

May 2015

I have been using my David Delight Pro consistently for a couple of months. For YEARS I have had difficulty sleeping. I had nightmares from someone breaking into my home. I had not slept through the night in several years. Even after I moved from the city to Alaska, I still had difficulty sleeping. Even when I was completely safe, I still had difficulty sleeping. My angel of a therapist suggested the David Delight Pro. Best money I have ever spent. What a delight! Now all I need to do is use a session before I sleep. I usually run a Feeling Better for anxiety session. I fall asleep and wake up refreshed for the first time in more than a decade. Also, my anxiety is greatly diminished and I feel much more relaxed. Now that I can sleep through the night, my mood has improved and I feel so much better. I am happier and more pleasant to be around. Thank you, David! (David Siever and David Delight Pro)

Testimonial from John Kelly

Florida, US

March 2015

Last night I slept straight through for 8 hours without any medication or supplements, whereas last week I was only able to get 1 to 5 hours a night with access to every medication and supplement known to man!  So, I can’t wait to tell my family, friends, x-patients and the world about this incredible find.

Testimonial from Ms. Terry Tremblay

Edmonton, AB, Canada

September 23, 2014

“As a sufferer of Progressive MS and Crohns disease, I’ve been left with little option but to use medications, but being on so many I thought I would like to try something non-drug related.

One of my many symptoms is sleeping disorder. On a particular morning I woke up from one of those awful sleep-deprived nights with severe head pain and pressure, and of course, fatigue.  I could hardly move.  My friend suggested that I try her DAVID Delight Pro; I was very skeptical.  Over the years I had spent quite a bit of money on various self-help healing gadgets which claimed relief, only to be left disappointed.  I was in a terrible way that morning, and out of desperation, I decided to try the DAVID Delight Pro.  I used one of the ‘Energize’ sessions and before the time was up I felt 80 percent better and 100 percent energized, clear minded and happy when the session was completed!  Wow!

I would not have believed it if I had not tried it myself!”

Testimonial from Kevin P.


July 21, 2014

“I have been using the Mind Alive Oasis Pro for the past few months and found the device to be very helpful with my anxiety and sleep problems.  I felt the calming effects almost immediately and was able to reduce my medications within a couple of weeks,  I have recommended it to friends and family.”

Testimonial from DWP
Ohio, USA
March 22, 2014

“5.0 out of 5 stars. A well built quality machine.

The DAVID Delight Plus came well packed and undamaged. Each piece was wrapped nicely-professionally done. Upon reading the manual, I found the instructions were done in a orderly fashion-no jumping around. Also, many parts of the manuals instructions were nicely highlighted in soft colors. The colors do hold interest when reading, sort of soft on the eyes. I give the manual a five star by itself.

Very nice looking machine. I’m very pleased with the quality of the unit. The glasses are super great and have a nice soft color on them, the headphones are of very nice quality, very good sounds coming from them. The Delight Plus is worth the price and wait.

The machine itself is well designed. I fine the heartbeat to be useful to help pace my breathing until I master it. So, it does come in useful.

I have a very active mind, always thinking, so I find it hard to sleep many nights in a row. I didn’t sleep at all last night, so I gave the Delight Plus a quick test drive. I laid on the bed, slipped on the glasses, headphones, and switched on the machine, setting it to meditation. After a few minutes or so, I was slipping off into oblivion, but just before I went out, I shut the machine off and got off the bed. That’s the fastest I was ever being put to sleep-just beautiful. The Delight Plus has a soft on and soft off mechanism built into it. It softly but steadily raises the sounds when starting, it lower the sounds to off when nearing the end of the session. It doesn’t start loud abruptly, or shut off abruptly. Well thought of.

Also, the machine itself, fits in an average size mans hand, probably will fit into most shirt pockets.

I bought this machine to help tuck my eyeballs in at night for a sound sleep-it looks like it’s the machine that’s going to do it. I’m very well pleased with the purchase experience.

Thanks for your time, my friends.


A little update is in order after first night of use:

At around 11:15pm I jumped into bed and buckled up with the Delight Plus: putting on the headphones, lighted glasses, with the machine near-by. I set the session on the third session on the icon moonlight, this is the sleep sessions. There are five sessions in all under each icon except the plus (+) icon, which is there for you to add five of your own.

I could remember barely waking up and removing the headphones and glasses, then falling back to sleep. I woke this morning around 8:25am, feeling entirely rested. I didn’t have that brain dead feeling like I usually have when not having any sleep, or partial sleep.

I climbed out of bed to go and have a look in the mirror to see the visual effects-no drooping face, no tired looking eyes, no slight bags under the eyes: which all indicates that what I was feeling in my head-rested-was accurate. But, I wasn’t done just yet.

I decided to go back and lay down and dawn on the Delight Plus, and go for the Mood sessions, which I did, set at the third session.

After going through the Mood session, I put everything away, started straightening everything up in the room. I noticed after maybe several minutes, I was wearing a smile? It could have only been from the Delight Plus. Apparently, the Mood session was just enough to change the mild depression into a borderline happy.”

Testimonial from Oysten Notvedt


February 6, 2013

“I have, as long as I can remember, been struggling with falling asleep. After purchasing an Oasis Pro and using it for a couple of months, I will definitely say that the time it takes to fall asleep has decreased significantly. I was very skeptical at the outset when first hearing about CES, but then I tried to go through the current scientific literature and found it promising (despite not being too many controlled studies published). After reviewing the literature and using the device myself, I have to conclude that CES should be more well known, and more and larger studies should be funded so that it will get more attention. I have noticed no side effects apart from some earlobe irritations (which was, strictly speaking, my own fault setting the intensity too high). I compared a number of CES devices before I purchased any, and the reason I chose the Oasis Pro was that it had both the sub-delta setting and 100hz setting which are the two frequencies that have been supported by scientific evidence to work in terms of insomnia (and a number of other issues). Also, the people at Mind Alive are quite a nice bunch.”

Testimonial from Alan Mauro
May 18, 2012

“I purchased the Oasis Pro and it appears to me that David Siever has built a better mouse trap. Using the 100 Hz. setting restored my sleep, after the first use. I’ve tried 100 hz. units before, but this one is just different… it works! Thanks again for your assistance and thank David for his genius experimentation in the field of CES.”

Testimonial from Santiago Brand, Neurotherapist
Bogota, Colombia
January, 2011

“A little over a year ago, I could not sleep to save my life. I used to wake up several times every night. When I was able to “sleep” without waking up during the evening, I would wake up exhausted, as if I had been run over by a train. Therefore, the next day, I would feel tired and became very irritable. A colleague of mine recommended that I contact Dave as I was interested in using the gear for work with addictions. I decided to purchase a DAVID for myself. The first night I used it, I remember thinking, “There is no way I am going to sleep with these lights being so bright and these tones.” After that, the next thing I remember was waking up refreshed and energized; it had been months since I was able to actually sleep! Now I have been using my DAVID for over a year and I cannot remember when the last time I could not sleep was. I also use it in the morning before going to work to get more energized, while I take my nap after lunch for relaxation and while I read and study to be more relaxed and focused. This device has changed my life!

Now, I strongly recommend my clients that they get one; many of them have and are happy they did. Thank you for creating such a wonderful product!”

Testimonial from Dale C.
August 19, 2008

“I have been using my DAVID for taking naps in the afternoon.  It works AWESOME!!  Before, my mind would be racing and I could not get  any sleep, even though I was exhausted. I call this my ‘power nap’.  It really is awesome!”

Testimonial from Brian J. Munro
Balgonie, Saskatchewan, Canada
August 14, 2007

“Thank you for your prompt reply and excellent customer service.

As a point of interest, I was recently diagnosed with severe sleep apnea.  After waiting almost one year to be tested, I discovered that my sleep cycle was being interrupted about 140 times an hour.  I believe that over the past couple of years it was thanks to my DAVID PAL that I was able to get any sleep at all – or be able to use the “Brain Brightener” session in the day and thus be able to do tasks like driving long distances without falling asleep and hurting either myself or my family.

Thanks to the combination of the CPAP unit I was prescribed by my doctor to alleviate my sleep apnea, and my PAL unit, I am now enjoying 6 to 8 hours of deep, complete and restful sleep every night!  My energy level is up, my mental acuity is better and my emotional state is much more positive.

Whenever anyone tells me about problems they have with sleep, mental focus and/or emotional struggles associated with these issues, I tell them about your products and my experience  with them.  Your product works for me and my life is better for it. “

Testimonial from Florence Nye-Clement
Benicia, California, USA
June 22, 2006

“I have been using the DAVID for nine days, and it has already begun helping me re-pattern my sleep and dissipate anxiety.  Thank you for making such a wonderful product.  I believe my DAVID will be a key factor in my return to health.”

Testimonial from Wayne Sime
Albert Lea, Minnesota, USA
June 5, 2002

“After my heart attack and double by-pass surgery, I developed serious sleep problems. I could not sleep more than two hours before awakening, unable to return to sleep. I tried many sleep remedies including getting more exercise (going to physical therapy regularly) to make me physically tired. Upon awakening at night, I would read (sometimes for an hour or more) to make myself sleepy and still could not return to sleep. Tossing and turning for hours each night and being irritable during the day time was not pleasant for me or for my family.

My daughter, Andrea Sime, suggested that I try using the DAVID light and sound unit. Almost immediately I began sleeping better. I use it once or twice during the day time, and then again before I go to bed at night which allows me to get eight to nine hours of sleep per night. Since I celebrated my 83rd birthday recently, I usually have to get up three to four times a night to go to the bathroom, but I am now able to get back to sleep almost instantly. If I do have some wakefulness, I simply use one of the 20 minute DAVID programs and can get back to sleep and wake up feeling rested.

I am so delighted to be able to get a full nights sleep once again, the I would not part with my DAVID for any amount of money. A few weeks ago, the wire connection to one side of the earphones developed a short. They wanted me to send the unit back for repair. I insisted on getting the replacement unit first, because I do not want to be without this unit ever again. I highly recommend it to anyone with a sleeping problem.”

Testimonial from Gina Varty
Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA
April 29, 1999

“Thank you for the opportunity of participating in your research project testing the therapeutic effectiveness of DAVID as a treatment for Fibromylagia.

I found my sessions with DAVID to be very beneficial, particularly in preparing me for sleep.  DAVID helped me in calming, relaxing, and centering myself, so that I was more ready to sleep.

The variety of flashing light combinations and pulsing tones provided an opportunity to select the program that suited my mood and need at a particular time.

Thank you again for the opportunity to experience such an interesting digital audio-visual integration device and contributing to the study.”

Testimonial from Collette Smith
Leduc, Alberta, CANADA
February 3, 1997

“I’d had problems with sleep since I was about four years old. It would take me, on average, over an hour a night to fall asleep. As soon as I would lie in bed for over two hours, tossing and turning. I had tried different medications to help me sleep, but I always would wake up with a ‘hangover’ effect – I would be more tired than if I had just tried to fall asleep on my own. I am a Registered Nurse, so others depend on me for their safety and well-being. I couldn’t afford to be sleepy while I was working.

I was skeptical of the study at first, but the need for sleep was stronger than my skepticism. I was attracted by the fact that no medications were involved. As I had said before, medication did help me sleep, but I was so drowsy the next morning I was almost better off tossing and turning, waiting to fall asleep.

As part of the study, prior to using the DAVID, I had to keep track of my ‘normal’ sleep habits for two weeks. The results were typical-on average, it would take me an hour or more each night to fall asleep. The day I took the DAVID home, I tried it on different programs prior to bedtime to acquaint myself with the sensation of the lights and noises. When I used the machine the first night, I fell asleep in 40 minutes! For me, that was nearly a record. I had programmed the machine for a 20 minute program, and was still awake after the program stopped, but when I took the headphones and glasses off and just rested, my mind didn’t start racing! I just rested quietly, and fell asleep on my own 20 minutes later.

After that first night, I began falling asleep even more quickly. I was regularly falling asleep in 20 minutes or less. I would program the machine for a 30 minute program, but I would rarely be awake when the program ended. I would just wake up in the middle of the night, take off the glasses and headphones, and go back to sleep. Even if I woke up in the middle of the night to answer the phone or to use the washroom, I would fall right back to sleep again. I noticed my moods improving-I have had trouble with clinical depression for about five years, and my concentration was enhanced. For the first time that I could remember, I would wake up in the morning and feel rested.

As part of my work, I can be out of town for three or four days a week, and stay overnight in hotel rooms. Normally, I would need at least two hours to fall asleep in a strange bed. With the DAVID, I would still fall asleep in an average of 20-30 minutes. The DAVID traveled with me throughout the province and to British Columbia while I was on the study. Only once, in all the nights I spent in strange beds (approximately 15-20 nights during the study), did I have trouble falling asleep.

When I stopped using the DAVID and had to go back to sleeping ‘on my own’ to complete the study, I was hopeful that my brain had been ‘programmed’ to just fall asleep, without any of the problems I had before. Unfortunately, that was not the case. My old sleep patterns returned, and my mind was racing again. The only way to avoid having trouble falling asleep was to stay up until late at night, and wear myself out. Then, I could fall asleep in under an hour. I started having concentration problems again, and my mood became more depressed and irritable. By the time the end of the study had come, I was feeling desperate. I needed my sleep. The only option I felt I had was to buy a machine for my own use. So, as soon as I had completed the study, I purchased my own DAVID machine to use at home. Every night since I purchased the machine, I have fallen asleep in under half an hour. To me, it is nothing short of a miracle.

I don’t just use the DAVID for sleep. I have also found various programs helpful for relaxation, or to help me focus on a busy day. Once, when I was traveling with my work, another staff member developed a migraine headache. Normally, she suffers with these headaches for days at a time. I let her try the DAVID while she rested, and when the program was finished, her headache had substantially decreased in magnitude. She no longer felt nauseous, and was able to work that afternoon. The next day, the headache was gone.

I’m glad I overcame my skepticism and tried the DAVID study. I no longer dread the end of the day and the prospect of having to try to fall asleep. I just get into bed, turn on the DAVID and get comfortable. Sleep comes on it’s own.”

Testimonial from Art Meizner
Connecticut, USA
June 2, 1995

“I originally bought the DAVID for accelerated learning…but soon realized its usefulness in other areas. I have had a sleep disorder all of my life, I used the Hemistep/Delta session, and it took me into a peaceful, relaxed state. I’d just drop off even before the session was over.”

Testimonial from Jorge Suarez
Miami, Florida, USA

“I want to thank you for producing such a wonderful machine, I not only sleep better, but I do everything better, I’m HOOKED. “

Testimonial from Ben Swanson
Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA

“I will start by saying that when I would go to bed normally this is when my wheels started to spin and sleep was a hard thing to do for me. When I did eventually fall asleep it was never a restful sleep. Using the DAVID device really helped me relax at night or through the day when I used it. This allowed to fall asleep much easier and also had a much deeper state of relaxation. This I believe was the key for my better quality of life, because this allowed me more energy through the day. I normally have a very short temper. The better rest pattern I experienced let me deal with situations in a more positive manner. My social life, focus and attention, alertness, pain – was a bit better (it did relax whiplash at times), mood – all the above had some improvement using this device. It only makes sense we tend to be a very stressed society most of the time people don’t even realize how tense they are. This machine gets you to relax.”