Now there is a pharmaceutical-free way to reduce your PTSD symptoms

The DAVID Delight Pro is a portable hand-held device that provides a unique fusion of Audio-Visual Entrainment (AVE) and Cranio-Electro Stimulation (CES) to help you manage your PTSD symptoms.

Mind Alive Inc. manufactures a variety of devices which can assist individuals with PTSD. The most highly recommended device for PTSD patients is the DAVID Delight Pro, which includes 25 AVE Sessions PLUS the added benefits of CES technology!

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) refers to the inability to cope in the aftermath of a trauma. An individual with PTSD is someone who has experienced a trauma (such as an assault, car accident, war, or natural disaster) which has caused permanent changes to occur within the brain. Common symptoms of PTSD include brain chatter, guardedness, worry, low mood, and sleep problems, as well as memory and cognitive impairments.

Normal fear response involves the reduction of serotonin and activation of cerebral norepinephrine, and the adrenals to help prepare one for battle. But occasionally, a severe enough trauma can cause the dysfunctional and never-ending activation of the fear response, which fatigues key neurotransmitters and the adrenals. The implications of PTSD include a combination of family and societal violence, alcohol and drug abuse, brain damage, loss of wages and increased suicide ideation. No adequate drug or medical treatment of PTSD exists today. While pharmaceutical agents and electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) may alleviate the depression associated with PTSD, these can often drive the brain further into dysregulation, leaving the patient feeling emotionally numb and struggling with increased cognitive and social impairments.

Audio-Visual Brainwave Entrainment (AVE)  can dissociate those experiencing PTSD away from destructive distressing rumination. AVE also increases blood flow, normalizes brainwave and neurotransmitter production, calms the limbic system, restores the adrenals, and produces somatic relaxation. The subjective benefits of AVE are reduced anxiety, improved sleep, improved mood, increased energy, improved relationships with family and civilians, reduced physical problems, improved productivity and reduced dependence on medications, alcohol and recreational drugs.

The Delight Pro features five distinct categories of sessions:  Energize, Meditate, Brain Booster, Sleep and Feeling Better, with five selections for each category.  It also includes five auto-playing Sound Sync Sessions and five locations for you to store sessions you design with the DAVID Session Editor. Also includes the popular 100 Hz CES with any session.

Our sessions have been thoroughly tested and are designed based on most current research findings to ensure you the most effective results.  The sessions on the Delight Pro are supported by research studies.

The Delight Pro sessions also include our proprietary randomization process, which helps encourage dissociation and enhance the entrainment process.

Mind Alive Inc. has been designing and manufacturing mind enhancement products for over 35 years, and has conducted extensive research in that time, continually revealing new applications for this ground breaking technology.

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