Testimonial from Mark B.

Vancouver, BC, Canada

October 15, 2014

“I am a very pleased new user of a DAVID Delight Pro. I’ve used AVE and sound based technology for 30+ years – I used Monroe Institute Hemi-Sync cassettes back in the ’70s. Your technology is the best I’ve ever used. Whether I’m using it to relax, meditate, or to energize; relieve a headache or inspire creativity; the DAVID Delight Pro does the job easily and seamlessly. Now it’s become a bit of a fight to use the machine. Between my daughter using it to ease her periods and my 82-year-old dad using it to lessen his pain from back strain, this instrument is a popular item around our house!”


Testimonial from A.S.
Missouri, USA
February 29, 2012

“I love this product (DAVID ALERT). I am so happy to have found this but very sad that it took me 71 years to find it.  I tell you that I can’t be happier. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”


Testimonial from Dave Thornton
Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA
December 21, 2006

“I’ve always been a go, go, go kind of guy. I am a typical Type-A personality, and pretty ‘wound up’ most of the time. I’ve had stomach problems for a number of years, and then I started having a real big problem with heartburn. I was starting to have the kind of heartburn that was stubborn and wouldn’t go away all that easily. It was so bad one day that after 2 hours of suffering I finally went to the emergency room. The doctors there put me through all kinds of tests, etc. and could not find anything wrong. They sent me home with the usual shoulder shrugs and some sort of  ‘cocktail’ of antacids.

My family suggested using a DAVID to help me. I am very skeptical of this kind of stuff. I’m almost 75 years old so I’ve seen a lot of gimmicks and slick sales campaigns that promise the world and deliver nothing (or close to it). So, let’s just say I had my doubts that this machine was going to help me.

I ran my first session and had instant relief from my pain. I have had absolutely no stomach pains since that first session. It was just like a miracle, really. I use my DAVID at least two times a day, morning and night, and sometimes I can squeeze in an afternoon session too.

I am a firm believer now, and have since suggested it to many of my family members and they have had amazing results for themselves as well. I am so thankful for my DAVID, and I never go anywhere without it.”

Testimonial from Susan Tereba
April 21, 2005

“My husband, Bob, aged 72, has been experiencing mild cognitive impairment for a few years now but we let it slide until this year as we live in Bali and only return to the States to do our annual exhibition of our jewelry and sculpture.  But this year we could no longer avoid dealing with the problem.

We were blessed by being directed to several professionals who have each contributed to his improvement.  He has been using the DAVID since early March about five times or more a week. He is also taking Aricept (started taking this about three weeks after starting the DAVID) and exercising his grey matter by learning the language here. 

I can’t say which piece of this puzzle has helped more but I felt from the start that the DAVID made a big difference.  His mood and attitude changed almost immediately.  It seemed he asked the same questions less often than before.  Bob became brighter and more with it and when he didn’t use it I could see his short term memory was worse.  And he really has taken to it.  He initiates using it so I know he sees a difference too.

Thanks for making such a wonderful machine.”


Testimonial from Mrs. Ella Mansfield
St. Albert, Alberta, CANADA
March 31, 2004

“The self-confidence I felt after using the DAVID device was remarkable. Before the Mind Alive senior’s study that I participated in,* I suffered a fear of falling for the past few years and my fears fed my depression. All of this was because of two painful outdoor falls in the past. After the falls I hardly went anywhere. If if wasn’t for my friends that live next door I would not have managed to walk to the grocery store, which is only across the street. I felt bad bothering people to help me to the store – just to pick up a dozen eggs and cream.

After a few days of using the DAVID device, I felt more confident and my mind seemed clearer. I think this was the combination I needed to feel like “my old self” again. I was always independent and I dearly wanted that back. Now I go to the store by myself and purchase my own groceries twice a week.

Thank you, Mind Alive, for the strength you have given to this old lady.”

*Ms. Mansfield was an AVE Intervention Depression Participant in a senior citizen’s study at Mind Alive Inc. She used the DAVID for four weeks before departing on a trip to Arizona.