Testimonial from Carla Janzen
Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA
October 5, 2001

“I have always dreaded going to the dentist, not because of the pain etc., but because of the long lasting effects of the freezing. I decided to give the DAVID a try and not have freezing.

I needed two old fillings removed and new ones put in. These fillings were fairly large and deep. I trusted your advice and set myself for the Extended Deep Alpha Relaxer, a 90 minute session designed for Dental/Pain.

I was amazed at the effects and the lack of pain I felt. I was totally aware of everything going on around me and I did feel one or two small pings but nothing to keep me from using the DAVID again in the same situation.

I must admit it took a great amount of faith in your judgment to try this but I am very glad I did. Not only did I not have to tolerate the after effects of the freezing, I felt very relaxed and refreshed. If I were to choose freezing, I would still run a session while in the dentist chair just because I feel so much more relaxed afterward.

My son recently underwent dental surgery to remove four wisdom teeth. When he arrived home from surgery he was in great pain so he took two Tylenol with codeine. This did not relieve all the pain, so he ran a session for fifteen minutes. After running his session, he awoke and started feeling more pain and so ran another longer session.

Thank you for encouraging me to try a session while at the dentist, my dental visits will be much more enjoyable from now on. “


Testimonial from Cheryl Martin
October, 1997
Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

“My first experience with the DAVID was in October, 1996. At that time, I had been suffering from painful, and frequent ear aches (several a month), for the last seven years. I had been to several doctors regarding these earaches, and was given no conclusive reason for their occurrence, and no treatment.

I went to see a chiropractor about an unrelated matter, and was told that my earaches were probably stress related, and more specifically, were probably as a result of TMJ. It was suggested to me to meditate to relieve stress and relax the body.

Not being familiar with meditation techniques, I was told about you, and the service you offer. After several sessions with the DAVID, I noticed that I was not getting earaches. Now, after one year of using the DAVID regularly, I am very happy to report that I have had only ONE earache!

The benefits of using the DAVID have gone far beyond curing my earaches. My energy level has increased; I sleep better; I communicate and interact with people more effectively, and most importantly, I don’t get so “stressed out!”

Thank you for helping me discover a new way of living.”


Testimonial from Dr. Roy C. A. Fearon
Camrose, Alberta, CANADA

“Our office was introduced to a powerful effective tool with multiple uses.

The DAVID machine uses light and sound to guide our clients into a gradual meditation state. This keeps their muscles relaxed so that unnecessary strain on the TMJ is reduced and time consciousness is relaxed. Comments like “that didn’t seem to take so long” have been heard after 1 ½ hour appointments.

Some of our staff are using the unit for stress relief and our daughter is using it for energy balance. It has many other uses. We are very excited about this concept in dentistry and for personal use.”


Testimonial from Dr. Howard Lim, DDS, B.Sc.

October 30, 1997

Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

“When you first called me in April of this year (after having read about me in the Toronto Star) introducing me to an electronic aid to calm people down, I was skeptical. Fortunately, my skepticism has always been equally balanced by open mindedness. After experiencing the DAVID for the first time, I was very impressed by how it created within me a profound state of relaxation. I read the studies that you provided for me and was happy to learn that this technique of relaxation not only works, but is absolutely safe. At this point and without hesitation, I bought the DAVID. Being a scientific individual, I was slightly uncomfortable using the unit on my patients right away so I used it on myself first. I would wear the DAVID when I went to sleep at night and found that I would regularly find the hardware still on me even long after the program was over. At this point I started to use the unit on my staff, to see what they thought. They all found the DAVID to be pleasant and experience a wide variety of sensations (including deep sleep, the feeling of “being on another planet” and the sensation of floating, to mention a few).

Finally I started to use the DAVID on my patients. I used it on only the most frightened of these. There were three very notable cases with many similarities. All three were female (two in their early twenties and one in her early thirties) and all three needed to have wisdom teeth surgically removed. Two of these women were seeing me for the first time, and one was seeing me after a long absence from my practice. All three had tears in their eyes as soon as I walked into the room, and they were all trembling with fear and anxiety.

I used the DAVID on them throughout the hour and a half procedure. I was surprised to observe that none of these patients even moved. They remained conscious, but very relaxed!

I only wish that I had known about this technology years ago, if I had I would certainly be the most popular dentist in Toronto.”


Testimonial from Dr. Brian D. Read, B.Sc., Ph.D., D.D.S.

November 15, 1995

Calgary, Alberta, CANADA

“We offer the DAVID to all of our patients. Many of those who try it find it very relaxing, particular patients with TMJ problems who usually have trouble opening. I find that these patients seem more comfortable and show significantly less tendency to close their mouths or move around. I use the instrument frequently myself at home for relaxation to aid in concentration, and to relieve insomnia. I always take it along when flying because it makes the time on the air plane seem to pass so quickly.”