Testimonial from Brent Hugo

Allentown, PA, US

Apr 22, 2016

I had seen the DAVID Delight Pro device and wanted one for several years to help with sleep issues, but simply could not justify the price…or so I thought. Also a concern was whether it actually worked, was it medically safe and was it simply a psychological “trick” or gimmick. On 6 October 2015, I sustained a fairly severe concussion and subsequent intense headaches, so intense I missed work for weeks and when I finally did return to work, could only stand to do so part-time for over a month.

               I had intense headaches, sleep loss, mood swings and memory loss. So though not specifically mentioned in many places for treatment of concussion issues, I decided between my meditation practice, my sleep issues, my aversion to chemicals and my desire to alleviate the pain at almost all costs, I invested the money in the device.

               While the device certainly has helped at all levels, specifically, in regards to the concussive symptoms, I found varying my focus on the “images” or patterns presented by the glasses, my symptoms of pain and nausea started to lessen and then disappear within only two uses of the device. Within 4-5 days I was going several hours without pain and could fall asleep within 20 minutes. I have now been using it for 7 months. My eye therapy (I had a vestibular alignment issue from the concussion) progressed much faster than my therapists had anticipated.

               It’s also important to note that I am a very physically active person with a very high pain tolerance. Over my lifetime, and mostly in my early to late teens, I have been in the ER more than 15 times for broken bones, burns, severe cuts and dislocations, mostly sports related. I also grew up on a farm and worked in construction most of my twenties and thirties. I say this only to give “credibility” to the fact that I am not one who succumbs to minor injury, annoyances or physical discomfort. The pain that this device alleviated for me would be classified as severe to debilitating for most people.


Testimonial from Deepa Somani
Sugarland, TX, US
April 18, 2013

I heard about AVE from Mr. Krish Srikanth in India. I bought it from him while I was in India. For my migraine issues and for focus and increase in memory, alertness and awareness. My son is in the Swim Team and has started using it …his lack of focus and issues with being irresponsible have been resolved to a large extent. Deep gratitude for all your efforts in making AVE so easy and mobile (bag it and move).God Bless You for alleviating human suffering and worries.


Testimonial from Amanda Jackson
Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA
March 5, 2010

“I started experiencing headaches when I was ten years old. Most weeks I’d have them at least every second day, and they often made school difficult for me. Fluorescent lights, the sun and humidity often made them unbearable. I’ve never been able to pinpoint exactly what was causing them, although I do brux (grind my teeth) at night, which my dentist thought was a contributing factor. 

Around the time I was twelve years old, I went to a neurologist. He checked everything out and told me that I was suffering from tension migraines. He told me there are no prescriptions for these type of headaches (they are different from the aura-type migraines that many people experience). His recommendation was to get Botox injections, as they paralyze the muscles (which were tensing and causing the headaches). I never went through with it, mostly because I was terrified of the idea of having needles stuck in my head. Botox is also fairly costly, and there an approval process is needed for most insurance companies to agree to pay for it.

So, over the years I continued to take Ibuprofen and Tylenol for the pain. I built up a tolerance to the drugs to the point where I’d be taking twelve extra strength pills a day. Of course, this much pain-reliever is hard on your stomach and liver! In Canada, half of the cases of liver sclerosis are attributed to Tylenol. But I had no other choice – I would be miserable and unable to get through my days if I didn’t take the painkillers.

I finally decided to give audio-visual entrainment (AVE) a try. I decided to try the Schumann Resonance session (an alpha session) and I was amazed with the results. The session itself was beyond relaxing – I’m not sure if I fell asleep, or if I was just extremely relaxed, but when the session ended 20 minutes later I felt great.

I have been using this session everyday (or every second day) for almost three weeks now. In that time, I’ve only had one migraine (and that was on a day when I didn’t run a session). This is incredible for me, as in the past I would have at least four migraines a week. 

I am so glad I never tried Botox, and that I have AVE to use instead. Over the years, I’m sure I would have destroyed my stomach with painkillers.”


Testimonial from Peter Jordan
July 2012 (updated)

“Along with migraines I have been suffering severe vertigo in it’s true sense. I kept falling over the dog, bouncing off walls and just being plain miserable. I have severe neck degeneration from C1 to C6 and no-one has been able to help.

With the vertigo I was placed on an excessive amounts of differing drugs. The idea was if one did not work then try another type. I had no positive results at all.

I was sitting at the computer trying to get the world to stop reeling and rocking and thought I have not tried the Delight Pro during the day time. I use it each and every night but not during the day.

So I used the Extended Deep Alpha Relaxer session, firstly whilst still at the computer and then I had the overwhelming desire to lie down.

I did this and finished the session and then got up and I felt I had lost something. Vertigo is what I had lost. It really was amazing. So I have continued using the same session and although the results have not been as great, the vertigo may come on for a few minutes and then it has a break up to 2 hours and then another small attack.  This I can live with.

Knowing that if I do the complete session lying down I am going to get an unbelievable response is wonderful. Makes life a whole lot more bearable and I am even planning to do a camping trip with my wife, something not done for years.

I should add that in January we purchased a new vehicle and I have been so bad I have only driven it twice, just down the road to the the Chemist/pharmacy. How wonderful to be able to drive a new car that I only had been able to sit in or look at and think “what a wonderful car” and not be able to drive it.”


Testimonial from Peter Jordan
January 27, 2008

“Have received my CESta and have given it a fair old workout.  Last night as the headaches grew in intensity, I had to have a Morphine injection to alleviate it to some degree. Finally went to sleep about 3 am and woke with the headache raging once more. So I thought it is time to put my new CESta to work. I did and really all I can say is a great big thank you to all.  It was remarkable the effect using the CES function had on both my pain and my depression, words just could not do the result justice. It was just unbelievable, so now I look forward to a much brighter New Year and I will be singing my praises of your CESta to all that will listen…I am still amazed at the changes in my being since I have been using the machine and they seem to be compounding daily.”


Testimonial from Diane Moeller
Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA
August 15, 2007

“I wanted to write and let you know how much the DAVID has helped me in my health and life.  I started having migraines when I got MS.  The migraines started when I was 35 and I am now 52.  The migraines, for the most part, were very severe.  I was in and out of hospitals.  There were numerous ER visits for the migraines.  I would, a lot of the time, be immobilized in bed three to four days a week.  The rest of the time, I would have a migraine on the pain scale of a 6 or 7.

One year ago, I was put in the hospital for severe migraines and sever MS attack.  They did a D.H.E., Regaland, and Benedryl treatments for five days with no success.  After 19 years of trying to get rid of the migraines, they said there is not anything else they could do for me.  I was on two medications a day which only help a little.

I started using the DAVID around two months ago.  I have had amazing results.  I have days where there are no migraines at all.  I only have a few days per month where I have to say in bed. Usually now, I just have a migraine here and there on a a pain scale of 5 or 6.  This is because I am coming off the two medications that I have been on for a very extended period of time. I am completely off the one medicine and have been taking half dosage of the other one.  I feel in a month or so, I will be off the other one also.  The other wonderful thing is that I get total relief from any pain when I meditate with the DAVID and get into an alpha state.   I feel that the DAVID has been a prayer that God has answered for me.  It is awesome an I will never quit using it.  I tell anyone I can about the success I have had from it and how lucky I am to have heard about it. 

Since I  have had such success from the machine, my husband is now using it. He has ADD. He also works two jobs and a lot of hours. He has very little sleep and a lot of stress.  He has just started using it but I am completely confident that it will also be a big help in his life.  He works nights and get woken up a lot while he is trying to sleep.  The DAVID helps him get back to sleep each time quickly when he is woken up.” 


Testimonial from John Anderson, Minnesota Neurofeedback
Minnesota, USA
December 30, 2004

“During more than 30 years of biofeedback experience I have utilized a variety of interventions with clients experiencing migraine or vascular headaches.  Many of these interventions, including the standard muscle relaxation and temperature training protocols, were moderately successful but depended on strict adherence to home practice schedules, self-monitoring and dietary restrictions.  I did not see impressive results until I began using EEG biofeedback in the spring of 1992.  Clients experiencing migraine headaches found excellent, lasting relief in most cases and these gains were maintained following the termination of training.

I began using audiovisual entrainment (AVE) devices with clients experiencing anxiety disorders around 1996 but was hesitant to introduce this technology to my clients with migraines due to the prevalence of photosensitivity in this population.  Several of these clients became aware that I was using these devices with other clients and requested the opportunity to use AVE for their headaches.

Following the introduction of AVE technology, the need for other home practice interventions was virtually eliminated.  Home training with AVE devices appeared to replace relaxation skills training and other behavioral adjustments.  Clients no longer had to monitor dietary intake of potential triggering substances and more importantly clients found that the use of an AVE device at the beginning of a migraine episode would almost always abort that episode within 15 to 20 minutes.

My preferred AVE device has been the DAVID due to the excellent quality and flexibility of this device and the Omniscreen eyesets.  That flexibility allows each client to self select training protocols that most effectively meet his or her individual needs while also controlling light and sound intensity which is so important with photo and auditory sensitive individuals.

The standard intervention for clients with migraine symptoms now includes weekly neurofeedback sessions combined with daily home practice with an AVE device.  Clients are instructed to begin with a 15 minute session of 10 Hz stimulation for the first two or three sessions and then to self select sessions with target frequencies below 10 Hz.  Most clients tend to select sessions with target frequencies between 6 and 9 Hz.  Approximately 10% of clients with migraine symptoms find they are unable to utilize an AVE device and proceed with twice-weekly neurofeedback sessions and the more traditional home relaxation training exercises.

Most clients report significant decreases in migraine frequency, intensity and duration following the combination of neurofeedback training and audiovisual entrainment.  Many clients even report the complete cessation of all migraine activity.  Clients who do find AVE devices to be beneficial almost universally purchase the devices and continue to use them on a PRN basis.  Most report that this is the only intervention they need to abort the occasional migraine episodes that continue to occur.”