Testimonial from Cindy Daly


July 22, 2019

Thank you so much for making such an incredible product! I have been using the DAVID Delight Pro for about a month now and already I am feeling the benefits.

PS – Last month I lost one of the ear clips while on vacation. You sent me two new ones. Thank you. An outstanding product coupled with exceptional customer service!

Testimonial from Kim Duess

BC, Canada

July 17, 2017

I have been using this amazing Audio-Visual Entrainment device the last few weeks! The DAVID Delight has helped me get back into meditating daily and I notice a huge difference in stress reduction, and feel much more relaxed. 

Testimonial from Dr Maryna van der Berg, PhD

South Africa

May 24, 2017

In 1988, at the age of 32, I was injured in a serious motorcar accident. I was in a coma for 42 days. I had broken three neck vertebrae, sustained major brain damage and the doctors believed that I would never be much more than a vegetable. Their prognosis was that I would never again be able to take care of myself needed to be placed in Weskoppies, a psychiatric hospital in Pretoria.

My stepmother intervened and managed to get me into another hospital. She asked individuals as well as international prayer groups to pray for my complete recovery. I started to make a miraculous, if slow, recovery. I have no recollection of this period in my life – my first memories after the accident are of myself learning to walk and write again about nine months after the accident. I spent the next two and a half years in physical and mental rehabilitation. In retrospect, I would say that it took me about seven years before I was a fully functional and fairly confident person again.

My whole life had changed and I suffered from severe depression. I visited the best neurologists, psychiatrists and psychologists available to try cure my depression. The verdict was always the same: they would experiment with pills until they got the best to treat the symptoms. There was no cure. Every year the prescriptions just got lengthier and the drugs heavier. A pill for sleep, pills for mood control, pills to wake up and pills to kill the sadness.

In the end I realised that I was suffering from changes in character. Nobody could offer me any hope of total recovery. I tried alternative treatments such as acupuncture, hypnosis and herbal treatments – to no avail.

At 50 my husband and I retired and moved to the South Coast. I kept researching to find something to help myself. One day, a friend handed me a leaflet advertising John Broome’s Mind Power and an apparatus that stimulates the brain to form new neural pathways and to produce its own neurotransmitters such as serotonin and endorphins. In desperation I phoned John Broome and ordered the apparatus and subliminal CDs. Three weeks later I went to Gauteng to take delivery. John explained the simple way the machine works and how to use the subliminal recordings.

This scientifically proven, cutting-edge technology introduced a new era in my life. For six weeks, on a daily basis, I did the 42 minute Alpha-to-Alpha/Beta session. In the beginning I needed a lot of support and encouragement from my husband, as I was still suffering from severe depression. From the fourth week, I could hardly wait for my daily sessions and after six weeks of daily sessions I was a different person. I reduced my medication under my doctor’s supervision.

For the first time in years I had energy, and my curiosity and sense of humour returned. Due to the subliminal recordings that I listened to daily, my confidence and motivation to have a meaningful life returned. Although I felt like a new person, my memory and concentration was still lacking. I then started treating myself daily using the John Broome SMR/Beta 24-minute program for another six weeks. I also continued using the subliminal music as support.

I decided to study further using correspondence courses. I enrolled for a Masters Degree with the University of Metaphysics in Sedona, Arizona, USA. My thesis was titled “Consciousness”. I continued with a PhD, and at the age of 55, I received my PhD from the University of Arizona. My doctoral thesis was titled “Meditation as Medication”. Today I am an ordained minister with International Metaphysical Ministries, a Pastoral Counseling Psychologist, an accredited Accelerated Learning Practitioner, an EFT Practitioner, and I practise various modalities of Energy Medicine. I believe without my brain machine and the subliminals this would never have been possible.

It is humbling to acknowledge the lives I have touched by using the DAVID LS systems. Over the years, I have treated severe cases of depression, ADD and ADHD successfully. I have also helped people suffering from chronic pain, hypertension, severe stress, sportspeople seeking better performance, as well as people suffering from migraines and sleep disorders.

As I write this testimony, I am suffused with intense gratitude – I am grateful to God for His grace, I am thankful to Dave Siever who has devoted his life to the development and perfection of a device that has such incredible potential, I am grateful to John Broome who is dedicated to improving the lives of people all over South Africa. I am intensely grateful that these remarkable people crossed my path and gave me back my life.


Testimonial from Mark Thomas


January 13, 2017

I just wanted to write a review about the excellent customer service and experience I have received from Michael at for the David Delight Pro.

First, the David Delight Pro has been an amazing device. My neurofeedback therapist said that neurofeedback wouldn’t work on me because I was taking a benzodiazepine and indeed, I didn’t notice a difference from the neurofeedback. We quit after 3 sessions.

Conversely, I have noticed several differences since I got my DAVID Delight Pro with TruVu glasses. I have felt feelings I hadn’t felt for years. I can actually sooth my body. My long-term severe depression is gone. My negative self-talk has radically decreased. I appreciate and enjoy silence more. I see more beauty outside of me. I am more present in the moment. Etc. etc.

Michael has given me lots of helpful information, answered several of my calls and taken many of my questions, and further has been very kind and honest. I find him both generous and a pleasure to work with. It’s nice to speak to a businessman and honestly believe he wants what is best for you and I’m on the skeptical side in that department. Further, Michael is not the manufacturer of the DAVID Delight Pro so you can feel comfortable with his speaking openly about other devices as well as The DAVID Delight Pro.

I am very grateful for our conversations and have learned so much.

Thank you, Mike! Thank you Mindmachines! And thank you Mindalive! Their customer service has been excellent as well.

I was not asked nor offered anything to write this review.



Testimonial from Catherine Garceau, Olympic medalist, and author of Swimming Out of Water 


Testimonial from Lynn Allison Nelson


November 29, 2015

I honestly cannot live without my DAVID Delight Pro. Its CES function alone far surpasses the quality of the American models! But to have a device with so much more! Its a perfect fusion of CES and audio and visual entrainment. I’ve been able to share this device with others. My husband is a 23 year veteran of the Air Force and works with Veterans coming home from war. This would be so valuable to so many PTSD vets to help ease pain and depression and regain their mental focus. Its helped me with depression and fibromyalgia pain, as well as my ADHD. Thank God I found out about this amazing company!


Testimonial from Dorothy John


March 17, 2015

Great new website. It’s clear that a lot of time and effort went into creating it. I particularly liked the research section – it was hard to find on the old site. Kudos to everyone involved. The new site reflects well on Mind Alive.

I’m writing also to tell you that I’ve been using the Brain Booster #1 program for stress control and the results have been nothing short of miraculous. I have been so profoundly stressed from caring for my elderly mother with no chance to sit for more than a few minutes so no chance to meditate or use the device. I started using it in the morning when I first got up and within a week to 10 days I noticed how much calmer I felt. It’s been a life saver for me after 2 emotional breakdowns from the stress.


Candise Leininger, MS, NCC, GCDF, LPC 


September 8, 2014
“Congrats to Nancy and Dave. We still love your products. I introduce service members and their families to AVE and CES every week. Thanks for all your great work.”

Testimonial from Kevin P


July 21, 2014

“I have been using the Mind Alive Oasis Pro for the past few months and found the device to be very helpful with my anxiety and sleep problems.  I felt the calming effects almost immediately and was able to reduce my medications within a couple of weeks,  I have recommended it to friends and family.”

Testimonial from Bruce G


July 2014

“I was unsure about using the Oasis Pro at first, but within a couple of weeks my mood seemed to improve and I haven’t looked back since then.”

Testimonial from Kate F.
California, USA

“I made an appointment with Dr. Saunders to receive help with bipolar depression and pain. I have struggled for over 15 years and have tried everything to find relief. Within just few months of receiving help from Dr. Saunders with TDCS and CES, my condition is in complete remission. I got my life back! I couldn’t be more grateful! Dr. Saunders is one the most compassionate, positive, and insightful practitioners I have ever known. He has been a huge source of encouragement to me on my recovery journey. He has provided me with in depth knowledge, expertise, and coaching about brain training and the power of healing which has transformed my life. I feel confident to be able to use TDCS and CES for health on my own thanks to his help. I feel so grateful that Dr. Saunders believed in me. I feel completed liberated, strong, and empowered. I would highly recommend Dr. Saunders to anyone in need of healing and encouragement.” 

Testimonial from Carl Dixon
Florida, USA
June, 2012

“I use the DAVID to keep me on task and make me, as a day trader investor, at the top of my trading performance. There are mental trading coaches who address the same problems but it takes 3 to 6 months and costs thousands of dollars. Using the DAVID, I was able to get to that place in a couple of weeks and using the DAVID keeps me in ‘mental’ tune. I use my DAVID every day.”


Testimonial from Martha Nygaard
New Mexico, USA
February 29, 2012

“The DAVID Delight is amazing. I love the changes I am seeing. I used the CES by itself yesterday and wow, did it calm me down! All the features of the Delight Pro are incredible. Thank you for your product.”


Testimonial from Joy Kingsborough
November 9, 2009

“I received my DAVID on Thursday of last week and have used five sessions.  Within that short period of time, I have noticed dramatic improvement in my mood.  I have suffered from depression and SAD most of my life. This time of year, I struggle to get up in the morning to get the kids off to school and start my own day.  I have had to leave Corporate America to work from home because the mornings can be so tough. For the first time in a long time I woke up at 5:30 (an hour and a half before I need to get up) and felt refreshed and alive! I had time for a quiet cup of coffee by myself. This may seem like a small thing for some, but for me this is life changing and brought tears of joy to my eyes.  Thank you so much!” 


Testimonial from Elleanor McCoy
Reno, Nevada
October 6, 2008

“I have been a user of the DAVID since 2001.  I was diagnosed bipolar about eight years ago after a long depression.  I was introduced to the DAVID by my therapist and used a session every day for several years without fail.  I felt during that time that I never would have survived without the sessions, which enabled me to reduce medications that I was taking. Over the years, I have noticed I have been able to control my bipolar moods without the aid of medications to control mania. I have been a straight A student in graduate school for the last two years.  I wanted to encourage other to consider the DAVID for bipolar moods.  I would be happy to answer any questions anyone has about how the DAVID has helped me live with bipolar. Thank you for everything you and your company have done!”.   

Amersfoort, Netherlands
June 25, 2008

“In 2003/2004 after a long period of hard work with plenty of stress I developed a depression with bouts of irritation, irrational behaviour, mood swings and chronic fatigue as well as actual physical complaints. It lasted some time before I was ready to admit something was wrong which I couldn’t handle. My physician’s diagnosis was burnout / depression. I was prescribed prozac and therapy. After a few weeks I felt some improvement. However, the mood swings and the fatigue did not disappear, with extra strain at work and in the home situation. I thought I could manage this by switching employers. Initially this worked, but after a while I (and the people around me) noticed a relapse.   

I sought professional help and landed in a clinic where I received therapy and biofeedback. The result was positive, but a q-EEG scan showed a considerable unbalance in the brain, specifically in the frontal left brain hemisphere, which showed an excess of slow activity.  

 Following this research I was advised to undergo an amount of neurofeedback sessions. However, this was not practical due to my frequent travelling abroad and subsequently the alternative of AVE with a DAVID was suggested. The alertness was trained with the Beta Perker Session. From the start I did this every morning. I set the alarm half an hour earlier and ran the session while lying in bed. The result was amazing right away. Initially I even felt some areas in my head become comfortably warm and after completion of the session I was really alert and awake in a way I hadn’t experienced for a long time. Furthermore I ran the Depression Reduction Session for a certain amount of time at the end of the afternoon. This worked fantastically too. The serious fatigue at the end of the day soon became less and I felt better and better as well as more relaxed. The relaxing result of the session was so agreeable, that I looked forward running the session at the end of the day.

I have done these sessions for several months and I noticed I a considerable improvement of my overall well-being.  The people around me noticed the progress. The DAVID is so practical because I could take it on (business) trips, and therefore I was able to continue my sessions.

 Some six months later my depression and fatigue were gone. Currently I am able to severely cut down on the amount of Prozac. The psychotherapist at the clinic advised me to take another q-EEG scan to see if there was any measurable change. This was indeed the case. The unbalance between the two brain hemispheres and the slower brainwave activity have disappeared. I was so happy to see confirmed what I felt. I still use the PAL during the week for waking up and feeling alert, although I feel I don’t really need it anymore. I still run the C4 sessions but merely for enjoyment of relaxation. I enjoy my life and have plenty of energy.

It is almost unbelievable that such a simple solution can have such an effect. This technique works so much better than swallowing pills. Furthermore: taking anti-depressants does not solve anything.”


Testimonial From J.G.
Edmonton, Alberta
January 17, 2008

“I love this DAVID!!!  I love the CES.  I use it every day.  I think of it before I think of medication when I’m anxious.  The heartbeat sound is soothing and helpful.  Thanks again for your awesome product!!!”


Testimonial From Mr. J. Kleefman
The Netherlands
April 28, 2006

“Recently I purchased a DAVID for my wife.  Within two months the effect of using the DAVID is a miracle.  My wife had severe problems (depression), had treatment for the past three years with insufficient results.  Daily use of the DAVID transformed her into a completely ‘new’ wife.  The results are amazing.  Her doctors don’t believe what happened, so I introduced our DAVID.  They are very interested.”

Testimonial From Darrell Hute III
Lincoln, Nebraska, USA
June 3, 2005

“I’d like to thank all of the staff at Mind Alive for developing such wonderful AVE Equipment. The impact it’s had on me is second to none! I have been using the DAVID during my neurofeedback sessions, and the results are outstanding! It works extremely well, and has helped with many of my symptoms that occur with my OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). I was actually quite shocked at how well it worked the first time I used it, as it really calmed me down. Going into my next neurofeedback session, I remember being depressed with lot’s of stress and anxiety. With that in mind, I asked my therapist if we could use the DAVID again since it worked so well the first time, and that’s what we did. After my session was over, I felt great! The stress, the anxiety and depression all went away! The symptoms I had before using the DAVID that day were gone! I was in awe and could hardly believe what I had just experienced! I used it for my next couple of neurofeedback sessions and since it consistently kept working so well I just had to get one for myself, which is exactly what I did. I purchased the DAVID and have been using it for a while at home now, and I couldn’t be happier with the amazing results I continue to receive. I am very thankful and grateful to have a product that works so well with my OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and I thank all of you at Mind Alive for helping not only myself, but so many other people as well. Keep up the amazing work!” 

Testimonial from Margaret O’Connor
February 12, 2002

“I have been using the DAVID since December 2001 and it has had a profound impact on my life. Before using the unit, I was struggling with anxiety and depression. Since I began using the unit, not only have I been emotionally balanced, but I feel more energized. I also enjoy a new sense of well-being that I don’t remember feeling before in my life for any length of time. I am enjoying my life like never before.

I started searching for an answer the summer of 2001, when I was experiencing depression for long periods of time. I had called my doctor in tears, saying that I felt like I wanted to jump out of my skin. I am 51 years old and I knew that my body was starting to experience some hormonal changes. After tracking these changes, I could see a pattern with my monthly cycle. Since I am very health conscious, I did not want to follow my doctor’s advice of taking prescribed drugs. This was not an option I wanted to take. So I began looking for alternatives. I also knew that I had SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), and felt that maybe light therapy could be an answer for both.

I told a friend of mine that I was thinking about investing in a light visor. She told me about the DAVID Paradise and how studies have shown it more effective than light boxes or visors. I was able to use a unit for one week, and I was sold. But I was still a little skeptical. I asked more questions. This unit seemed too good to be true. It was too simple. I decided to buy one for myself and have used it almost every day. I use it every morning before I go off to work. I have more energy and think more clearly. Life is good again and it hasn’t stopped being good. I solve problems from a balance state of mind and emotions. And I am truly grateful.”


Testimonial From Alan Mauro
Bloomington, Indiana, USA
September 30, 2003

“Just wanted to congratulate you on developing such a great product!

I have suffered for years with anxiety, panic, and depression, but it wasn’t until I found this site that I realized that my problem was directly related to an imbalance in the bio-electrics of my brain. And after thoroughly searching your website I realized that the DAVID had the programs I was looking for. Not only did you put a depression program on this device, but also there are several cognitive programs and specific ADD programs. Since part of my problem was related to slow brainwaves I knew this was the unit to go with.

I bought the unit in late August and just over a month later I can honestly say that I feel great. It took some time figuring out which program was right, but after some experimentation I settled on the L10/R18 program for depression, with occasional supplementation using the session for ADD. I also have an old CES unit that seems to be the perfect compliment to the AVE stimulation. Using CES alone has never quite balanced me, but the DAVID has changed all that.

I’m extremely happy with the DAVID and can’t believe something so small and light can do so much… in fact, when I pulled it out of the box I was a little skeptical, to say the least. Now I’m alert, I have abundant energy, and most of all I’m balanced and happy. Thanks for a great product and keep up the good work.

The DAVID Rocks!”


Testimonial from Ann Schuster
Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA
April 26, 1999

“I’ve suffered from clinical depression for about 17 or 18 years and have been prescribed various anti-depressants, the latest being Effexor. I’ve been unable to go off anti-depressants because the depression would return whenever I tried.

Last November and December, I took part in a research project on the DAVID. I used different sessions and found one session in particular seemed to feel the best, so I continued to use it. After about three to four weeks using this session, I began to feel great. I had much more energy and had an upbeat, positive attitude to everything I did. I felt so positive that I began to cut back on my anti-depressants.

At the time, I was not sure my increased sense of well being was related to the use of the DAVID or if it was in response to the yoga and relaxation therapy I had been doing since the previous July.

This increased sense of well-being began to be noticeable around the middle of December. My participation in the study ended sometime in early January. After three weeks off the DAVID, I was back to my usual tiredness even though I was also back up to my usual amount of medication and had continued to do my yoga and relaxation.

I concluded that the DAVID was the trigger that had made me feel so much better. I have thus decided to purchase a unit. I feel this unit, along with other modalities of treatment (yoga, meditation, nutrition, exercise, physiotherapy) will, in all likelihood, enable me to feel much better and that I may even be able to eliminate taking medication for the depression.

This is a wonderful device and I do not hesitate to recommend it to others.”


Testimonial from Nora Gedgaudas
Minnesota, USA
July 28, 1999

“I wanted to write this to remind you what a wonderful, powerful and very important technology you have developed. The DAVID is a tool that has irreversibly altered my life in untold ways

I have spent the majority of my last 38 years a prisoner of intractable depression. Suicidal ideation was part of my everyday thought processes. After years of psychotherapy with about a dozen (or so) therapists, quality nutritional interventions, regular efforts toward exercise, work with Tony Robbins, studies of NLP and other approaches, numerous tape programs, mediation, hypnosis, spiritual exploration, various healing methods, visualization and even antidepressants (I am fortunately endowed with being incredibly resourceful AND persistent) I was still stuck with a relentless undercurrent that was depression. It’s not that these other interventions did nothing – on the contrary. Many of these interventions gave me a tremendous new dimensionality, depth, humanism and understanding and served to improve, in some cases VASTLY, the quality of my life. But depression has a physiological component that these other things could not address in a physically foundational sort of way. Nutrition and exercise were mostly management tools, medication merely an effort at symptom-relief (which, ultimately, created more problems than it solved).

Then, one miraculous evening I stumbled across an article about a new type of technology known as Light and Sound (also known as Audio-Visual Stimulation, or AVS). I had heard of Biofeedback and Alpha-training, so the concept of brainwaves corresponding to mind states wasn’t entirely foreign to me. A light went on in my head. Of course! It only made sense to me that if the bioelectric functioning of my brain was off – if the brainwave activity of my brain was disregulated – so would the biochemistry be. This technology presented the possibility of renewing my entire nervous system and finally getting at and repairing the cracked foundation. Although I was also inclined to feel skeptical (if not jaded) and quite frankly pessimistic about anything new that came along, that didn’t thwart me from doing a little research. I began making calls to anyone who was anyone in the country (and Canada) willing to talk to me. I got my hands on books, other publications and articles and devoured them. I was convinced there was something here worth trying. I did a little more ground work and decided, after looking at everything else, upon your machine. It was clearly state-of-the-art AND, without doubt, the best researched of any other such AVS device. I reasoned that if I was going to hook something up to my brain, I wanted it to be “properly calibrated”. I told no one (save the person living with me at the time) what I was doing. I simply ordered the DAVID and suspended both belief and disbelief.

When it arrived I unpacked it immediately and hooked myself up. In those days, few had heard of “beta training”, and alpha-training seemed to have some rather interesting, if not mystical potential. So I took the grand leap and launched right into a theta session. Down…down…the frequencies went until my heart began to race and I grew suddenly short of breath. Panic attack. Many types of memory are “state dependent”, particularly traumas. It is theorized that they get encoded in certain frequencies that the mind then “quarantines” in order to protect the psyche from re-experiencing something highly negative. The alpha-theta border is the mind’s richest repository of repressed material, and I have stumbled across and apparently opened some hidden anxiety closet. After composing myself and reassuring my psyche that it was not in danger of unraveling I elected to climb back in the saddle again and give it another go.

Subsequent sessions yielded little, if any trouble. They were, in actuality, rather pleasant and uneventful excursions that left me feeling relaxed and refreshed. I continued my experiment for the next two or so weeks, oblivious to the profound impact this was actually having on my psyche. Finally, a friend who had noticed a quantum shift in my attitude and overall demeanor approached me. They wondered what I was doing that was changing me so dramatically: “What ARE you doing with yourself – I’ve NEVER seen you like this before…” It was at this moment I realized that I was feeling considerably lighter, more confident, clearer than ever before and, in fact, free, for the first time, from depression. Never before had my psyche known such liberation. I was ecstatic.
I knew I was onto something here. Here was this device, simple to use and relatively affordable, that I was able to own and use at my personal convenience. And it had applications to my psyche I had not even begun to explore. A whole new universe of possibility had opened up to me and I was bound and determined to explore it to its farthest reaches. I am still on that journey today.

Although I have since refined my gains with AVS and have gone on to solidify things with Neurofeedback, which has given me the ultimate freedom and autonomy, I find the combination to be quite powerful. Some recent research has even demonstrated that AVS use can cut the number of Neurofeedback sessions needed roughly IN HALF. And at a fraction of the cost. Nonetheless, I continue my wonderful work with Neurofeedback and AVS, along with some other technologies from time to time – all to enhanced and cumulative effect.

Today, I am indisputably FREE. Panic attacks, which frequently plagued me, have vanished. I have also lost a significant amount of weight – probably around 30 lbs. I now have far too much energy and passion to be sedentary. I run 3 miles around a lake daily (rain or shine) at 5:00 am expect for a couple of days a week when I weight train. I also play tennis, kayak, bicycle, camp, hike, backpack, chop wood (I’m from Minnesota – I have a cabin that heats with wood), body-build and rock climb. I also X-C ski and snowshoe in winter. Before, I had to FORCE myself into the gym once or twice a week – and even then, inconsistently. Other than that I watched a lot of TV. Now I THRIVE in physical activity. It is hugely enjoyable to me. I am extremely fit. It feels effortless; not obsessive. Honestly. I work hard at my job, which I love (EEG Spectrum’s US/Canadian Midwest Regional Representative – the world leader in Neurofeedback), do some nutritional counseling and lead a full life socially, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. I am also much more easily consistent with my diet and supplementation. My health and immune system are superb. All the incredible energy that once went into mere survival is now free (at long last) to accomplish other things.

It has been roughly 5 years to-date since my introduction to the DAVID. I have seen many others, with a variety of problems, dramatically benefit from your work in that time, as well. My focus (for myself) with AVS and Neurofeedback is much more on Peak Performance now. I am tempted to say I am a new person, but in truth I am actually much, much more of Who I already was. My human potential is now available to me.

What a breathtaking gift.

Thank you, Dave, for your wonderful machine and all the quality research and integrity you put into it. You greatly deserve the growing legitimacy and acclaim for what you do. The importance of your work cannot be underestimated. Thank you, in part, for my freedom. And thank you for your warm, loyal, wonderful and ongoing friendship. I shall treasure it always.”