Testimonial from Carl Dixon
Florida, USA
June, 2012

“I use the DAVID to keep me on task and make me, as a day trader investor, at the top of my trading performance. There are mental trading coaches who address the same problems but it takes 3 to 6 months and costs thousands of dollars. Using the DAVID, I was able to get to that place in a couple of weeks and using the DAVID keeps me in ‘mental’ tune. I use my DAVID every day.”


Testimonial from Noel Thomas
November 17, 2000

“I’m writing to give you exciting feedback on your Omniscreen lamp. This past spring semester I was forced to devote a weekend to read and study eight complex chapters for my college biochemistry course before the midterm the following week (due to procrastination and a busy schedule, no less!). My usual attention span and focus allows for about two hours of continuous study before I feel a little “fried” and find myself repeating the same line over and again. At this stage of the game, I didn’t have time to waste and needed to be able to retain LOTS of information. I decided to try your lamp, owned by a friend. I set it over my books and programmed it through my DAVID Paradise to flash continuously at 15 Hertz.

The difference in my ability to study was remarkable. The response by my brain was beyond what can be achieved by popular brain nutrients on the market. I experienced sustained alert and focused attention for as long as I choose to continue studying. I was able to read the material more quickly while comprehending with better fluidity. To my amazement, I completed the eight chapters feeling little fatigue in the two days and was confident of my learned knowledge.

There is no doubt I experienced improved memory retention as a result of feeling both alert and relaxed while studying. Believe me, I was very pleased with my A grade on this challenging exam! Of course I used the lamp again for help before the final exam with equally beneficial results. Most assuredly I recommend the Omniscreen Lamp as the best brain tool to help anyone study and learn!

Thanks for such a clever invention!!”