Testimonial from Aigars Freimanis 

Riga, Latvia, Europe

April 22, 2017

Thank you very much for your support in purchasing a DAVID ALERT Pro. One month has passed since I received the mind machine and I have used it with my son with the Settle Hyperactivity mode every morning and the Relax session every evening. I find remarkable improvements in his behavior. He has also started to learn much better and got his first positive appraisals from teachers. Next I am planning to exercise Mood sessions for concentration and logic.


Testimonial from Dawn Austin


April 13, 2016

First of all, “WOW!!”  What a life changer!  I am no longer taking Adderall and my memory has improved, my hyperactivity is gone – I am a new person! The ALERT Pro has definitely been a game changer!


Testimonial from Lynn Allison Nelson


November 29, 2015

I honestly cannot live without my DAVID Delight Pro. Its CES function alone far surpasses the quality of the American models! But to have a device with so much more! Its a perfect fusion of CES and audio and visual entrainment. I’ve been able to share this device with others. My husband is a 23 year veteran of the Air Force and works with Veterans coming home from war. This would be so valuable to so many PTSD vets to help ease pain and depression and regain their mental focus. Its helped me with depression and fibromyalgia pain, as well as my ADHD. Thank God I found out about this amazing company!


Testimonial from Betty


August 2015

“I bought the ALERT for my teenage son, Emile, who was struggling in school and diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder.

For some reason, Emile acted like a recluse, always in his room, by himself. However, when Emile used the ALERT, I immediately noticed a change in him. He woke up in a good mood, often singing and laughing. Even my husband (who would not notice if the house was burning down) commented that Emile was becoming animated again.

Emile is now expressing his emotions. He hugs back rather than shunning affection. He answers verbally. In the past, he would just shrug his shoulders and act like he didn’t know or care. Now Emile makes eye contact and is good at conversation. In the past, Emile would carry his feelings around for a long time, and not let go. Now, he seems to bounce back and get over things in no time.

Two of Emile’s teachers noticed that his confidence is improving. He used to be shy but now he smiles and strikes up a conversation.

I also noticed that Emile’s handwriting has improved, as well as his attitude about writing.

Another area of improvement is sports. Previously, Emile’s football coach complained that Emile was distracted in the middle of the match, but now all of that has changed. Emile is kicking the football like a star. He was man of the match last week!

Emile’s other teachers commented that he is more interested in schoolwork, more respectful, more settled, and more willing to do work. Emile even asks for more work and doesn’t bother the other students.


Testimonial from Betty Stephenson Ashley


June 6, 2015

My son has been using your Alert machine for a few weeks now…Words cannot do justice for the  way I feel about it…I have been telling everyone about it…everyone who will listen. 


Testimonial from Patrick Young, M.Ed., M.S., LCPC, CADC 

Maine, US

Dec 6, 2014

“I just placed an order for an ALERT PRO and 2 sets of Tru-Vu glasses. The products are far superior to any other AVS device I have tried with the students in my school and the clients in my private counseling/neurostimulation practice. And as if that were not enough, I am about a one-third of the way through Mr. Siever’s neurostimulation online course and enjoying that very much.”


Testimonial from Vickie Ngala


September 3, 2014

“I purchased the DAVID ALERT Pro for my son who has ADD. His biggest problem was difficulty falling asleep – he said he was thinking too much and couldn’t sleep. I tried the Relax 5 Session.  It was like magic, so I used it every night and without fail, he’d fall right to sleep.  Eventually I didn’t have to use it any more – he was able to sleep.  Every now and then we run a session when he has a hard time falling asleep, but mostly it’s not a problem anymore. I purchased the viewhole glasses so we can explore some of the learning sessions.”


Testimonial from Bruce Hull

Vancouver, BC, Canada


“I have been using the light and sound machine for a week now, and am experiencing being able to see my situation from a different perspective. I realize now that I must have ADD or the ADHD or something similar and have had it for most of my life. I had no idea. It has felt like if I was a computer that I didn’t have enough ram, which in itself has caused a lot of problems, upsets and frustration. I have read books, taken so many transformational courses, and although they made a difference in my life, nothing has made a difference to my condition. I have felt so isolated from people and life. I feel the machine is making a difference, and now I can see what has been off. It has been like I have been in a dark room full of quicksand. the more I move and try to get out the more stuck I get or upset someone or myself. As I said for the first time I feel someone has turned on the light and I can see the situation I have now been in most of my life and do something about it. Thank you so much, Nicky, for the radio interview you did with Patrick Timpone that opened my eyes.”


Testimonial from Lynne B

South Carolina, USA


“Nicky is a teen-hood friend of mine and I recently hooked up with her again. I got her book and the ALERT machine. Now my whole family is using the machine. My 12-year-old son loves it too. Our doctor noticed that my son is more focused and was just amazed at the difference. I told her it was because of the ALERT light and sound machine. The doctor was very interested and I told her to look up this website. I didn’t want to tell her about it previously because I wanted to make sure it wasn’t a placebo effect. Now, others who knew nothing about my son using the machine have also noticed the change that I’m seeing. Thanks so much for your book and the time you took to write it and invest in other’s lives.”


Testimonial from PT

ON, Canada

October 24, 2013

I want to let you know, my son used the David Delight Pro, twice now. First session was on Wednesday morning; Brain Booster 3 with CES. I was astonished with the results from the first session. After, I asked him how he felt, and not only did he say he felt good, he was emphatic when he said it. I actually saw a difference in his face and eyes. Honestly, I was amazed, because he looked as though he gained 10 IQ points in the first session! He was extremely happy and energetic for the rest of the day. Day two, I tried the Brain Booster 4 with CES. Again, great results. He was actually talking with enthusiasm about going to a program in the coming weeks, and starting a new life for himself once he has completed the 5-6 month program. Also, I watched him do some challenging computer brain training games just to observe his functioning, and he was very focused and motivated, and noting himself, his clear thinking with excitement! I ONLY wish I had known of your company when he was younger. I feel quite frustrated that none of the teachers or specialists he saw ever suggested anything more than Ritalin, which did nothing for him. I’ve done a few sessions myself, and am extremely happy with the clearheaded feeling it gives me! I plowed through a pile of paperwork I’ve been putting off for weeks! Also, I got all of the supplements you recommended, and he has begun taking them.  


Testimonial from Deepa Somani
Sugarland, TX, US
April 18, 2013

I heard about AVE from Mr. Krish Srikanth in India. I bought it from him while I was in India. For my migraine issues and for focus and increase in memory, alertness and awareness. My son is in the Swim Team and has started using it …his lack of focus and issues with being irresponsible have been resolved to a large extent. Deep gratitude for all your efforts in making AVE so easy and mobile (bag it and move).God Bless You for alleviating human suffering and worries.




Testimonial from Iris Pitaluga
Coral Gables, FL
July 5, 2011

“I have been using the SMR/Beta sessions and I am so happy with the results. I am so much more relaxed and focused on my work. I always suspected I had ADD features but never put it through test. In my practice, I developed several treatment plans for different symptoms which is showing great success potential. I have included your products as part of the plan. So far, all the devices are being used at home by my patients and it is all good, especially those with anxiety disorders and ADD/ADHD.”


Testimonial from Mark Szymczak
San Francisco, CA
November 9, 2010

“As a father of two children and a wife (or is it myself) with mild ADHD, I hesitated to ‘hook us all up’ before truly understanding the product. I won’t pretend to be an expert after two days, but certainly feel comfortable now about using this products as a means of overcoming faulty family dynamics and occasional school “hurdles”. In four days time, we’ve already been successful using the Delight Pro and ALERT sessions to:

(1)    Get everyone to fall asleep and stay asleep at a decent time (5 stars)

(2)    Calm myself down before the morning routine gets started (5 stars)

(3)    Have my 10-year-old son read for half an hour without interruption (5 stars)

(4)    Reduce my daughter’s anxieties prior to school tests and basketball/tennis games (jury still out, but I’m optimistic)

If you are a parent that doesn’t wait until college to truly invest in your children, yourself or any other loved ones, this device should replace the X-Box or Nintendo in your home.”


Testimonial from Peter Rayment
Edmonton, Alberta
October 27, 2009

“I’m very thankful to have found your company and the DAVID.  It’s opening up a world of opportunity for me.  I have been using the DAVID for over six months now.  I find I get fewer headaches than I used to, and I’m enjoying very good overall health.  This last spring, I also discovered that I have ADD.  How coincidental that the DAVID is also a great tool for this particular condition.”


Testimonial from Kurt Scott
St. Paul, Minnesota
February 17, 2009

“As I use the DAVID, I find more and more things that I like about your machine.  I went to a play with some friends this past weekend andthey asked me what had happened to me. I have felt the winter blues just fade away in the short time I have been using your product.  I used to wake up in such a fog and now it is just a joy.  I have been singing and humming all day long while I work.  i use the CES only while watching TV or listening to music.  After 30 minutes I feel so calm and serene.

Besides lifelong ADHD, I have neuropathy in my feet as I also have been living with HIV/AIDS for 23 years, so keeping my stress levels in check is very important.  I have used many alternative methods to keep my life in balance and still am quite vibrant and alive but this winter has been pretty hard on me and the depression/anxiety was mounting strong. I noticed such a difference just three days after using your DAVID. 

I would choose my new DAVID over using a light box for SAD any day. I have decreased my ADD medication by one third with your product and my doctor’s supervision.”


Testimonial from Danielle
January 6, 2009

“My son and I have been using DAVID ALERT for 15 days (once per day).  We both have ADHD and we are both on medication for several years.  Against all expectations, my son has been off medication for five days and it is going really well!  Once a month we tried to have him off medication for one day but our trials threw us into despair: without medication, our son’s behaviour was very stressful. Medication works well for school and concentration but I worried about the lack of appetite which is a side effect of the medication.  Our son is not putting on normal amount of weight nor growing well.  Without the medication our son was very agitated and put himself and others in danger.  In the evening, once the medication stopped working, he had many rows with all of us and I spent my time really stressed out at the thought of “what is he going to do next?”  So, after only 15 days, there are significant positive changes for us.  I also stopped medication for a week. I find the sessions extremely relaxing and I find myself very refreshed after having had them.  Our son and I are really enjoying our daily sessions with the DAVID ALERT and we don’t need to be reminded to do it because it is rather pleasurable to slide into this state of deep relaxation. Our son is much more centered.  Eventually, the whole family tried it .  My husband is working long hours in a very stressful environment. He says it is a fantastic way to relax at work during the lunch break and be “back at full speed” afterwards.  Our other two children do not have ADHD but enjoy it all the same to relax.  So it seem to work for everyone here, ADHD or not!”

Testimonial from Paul Botticelli
East Setauket, NY, USA
October 27, 2008

“I want to share a success story with you.  It involves my first study subject using the DAVID that began last year.  His name is TC, age 19. He had completed his freshman year at college and had significant problems academically.  He had been on Wellbutrin and Concerta throughout his freshman year, to no avail. He underachieved badly and had tremendous difficulty getting organized and staying focused. He is an alcohol and drug free person, so there were no substance abuse issues. Over the summer, I began using the DAVID with him. He discontinued his medication with the knowledge and cooperation of his psychiatrist and improved in mood, attitude and behaviour over the next eight weeks to the point where his parents purchased a system for him to take back to school and use. Needless to say, he did exceedingly well during his sophomore year, has stayed off the medication, and is now in Italy as a visiting student from his college in New York. When TC returned for a visit at Thanksgiving and came in to say hello, he was bright-eyed, focused, engaging, smiling; it was just a joy to behold the newly found confidence he exuded.  So, thank you for your efforts in doing the work that you do.”


Testimonial from Graham J. Hadlington
Helping Hands UK Org., United Kingdom
June 27, 2007

“We came across the DAVID by accident, but what a godsend this device has proven to be.  The DAVID proved to be a brilliant solution to help combat ADD.  We have also used the device continuously to relieve stress and bring a calming mood to the staff at Helping Hands UK Org.  We fully recommend and applaud the DAVID and would encourage any organizations such as ours to utilize such a device. We cannot recommend this device enough.”  


Testimonial from Karen Rodway
Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA 
April 24, 2007

“I just wanted to give you a two-week update on Kirsten.  As you know she is borderline ADHD. Her teacher started using a checklist for concentration prior to the spring break in March.  On average she had a 6 or 7 out of 10 possible checkmarks.  Over the past week she has had a perfect score everyday.  At home, Glen and I are finding her much more cooperative, less argumentative and she is doing her homework without bouncing up and down 100 times. I asked the teacher for work to be completed at home today and she has been working on it for the past two hours without complaint!  Unbelievable! One of the biggest changes is her attitude towards us.  She realizes right away that she stepped over the line and apologizes almost immediately.  Her temper outbursts are almost non-existent.  P.S. Glen tried a session when he had a headache and his headache went away.”


Testimonial from Sinead Nulty
Drogheda, IRELAND 
October 25, 2005

“Just a few lines to say thank you for the replacement Omniscreen.  It’s working wonders for a number of different problems (insomnia, relaxation, child with ADD)  The DAVID is an amazing tool.  Again let me say thank you for replacing the Omniscreen so quickly and being such nice folks.”


Testimonial from Mark Meincke
Sherwood Park, Alberta, CANADA 
April 17, 2003

“I’m a 33-year-old man with ADD, and I have found something that I would like to share. Over the last few weeks, I have been trying Entrainment Therapy. Basically, I’m using pre-programmed sequences of flashing lights as well as pulsed tones to change the hertz frequency of my mind.

Sounds strange I know, but since I found Mind Alive and their entrainment therapy gizmo, I’ve noticed a pronounced improvement in my ADD.

I’m out of the house, and on my way to work in 15 minutes, instead of 45
I’m able to remain task oriented far better
I can perform simple tasks such as getting dressed, or doing the dishes, far faster than ever before
My frustration levels have dropped significantly 
I’m not a salesman, or an agent for this company, I’m just a customer who has had a life-changing result from entrainment therapy.”


Testimonial from Mark Belisle
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, CANADA 
October 4, 2003

“Wow, it’s been two months since I received my DAVID, and I have been using it every day.  I like it.  And I want to thank Dave and Nancy for being so helpful on the phone, as that was key to my purchase. Thanks. My friends say that I am calmer, that my hand tremor isn’t as noticeable, and having ADD, I appreciate session 83 as well as a few other favorites, like 20 and 30.  The beauty is that this makes meditation so easy, as I don’t have to worry about falling asleep, unless I want to.  My creativity has improved.  I drive for a living, and feel that I am better focused, thanks to the sessions with the DAVID.” 


Testimonial from Gwenda Travis
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
August 9, 1999

“Life was a nightmare! We really did think life was a nightmare.  Ever since our son was in kindergarten.  That’s when it all began. David, our son, was a very happy baby and a happy little boy.  We were so excited when he started kindergarten because he was so bright. 

We took him to pre-kindergarten screening.  Everything from speech and hearing to motor skills.  The nurses and therapists seemed to be very impressed with David.  His skills were good.  But then they tested him for things that took a lot of attention.  And of course I, as his mother, thought he had done exceptionally well.  But the ‘professionals’ very quickly recommended that my husband and I hold David back from school for one year. 

That’s when the nightmare began. The first parent-teacher conference we had went rather well.  But David’s attention span was not what it should have been for a six year old.  We went on through kindergarten with the end result being, that the school felt like David should be held back.  We refused to sign the paperwork. Then came first grade. The problems became even worse.  After a while I finally admitted that possible David did in fact have a problem.  And again the school insisted that David be held back. We agreed.

David was then tested by the school psychologist.  Having known the man for a number of years, I trusted his opinion.  He very tactfully told us that he thought David might have ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). 

The doctor began with Ritalin.  The ‘miracle drug for children with ADD. I began a diary of David’s daily activities and moods.  Things did not seem to be getting any better.  I was still getting daily phone calls from his first grade teacher.  So the dosage was increased.  Again no change.  Again the dosage was increased.  That’s when we started seeing a little change.  But again the dosage was increased.  At this point David was taking the maximum dosage for a child his size.  He began having side effects from the medication.  At this point the doctor changed him to Cylert.  On a very low dosage we began seeing what we thought to be miracles.

David’s school work was being completed.  He didn’t have as much homework.  And he was almost back to the normal David we thought we had lost. 

Then the D.A.R.E. Program started at school.  This really affected David.  He was tired of taking drugs, and he didn’t want anyone to know he took anything.  They might call him a’druggy’.

This is when we went to our doctor, Dr. Aaron Kaufman, and he was so excited about this treatment he had gotten in California.  It was called a Digital Audio Visual Integration Device (DAVID).  And Aaron began doing his very best to get our David and the DAVID machine together.  He also took David off of the Ritalin.

After the first treatment there was just a minor change.  He could ride all the way home without jabbering.  This was approximately a 10-mile ride.  We were elated.  And of course we continued the treatments.  We never told his teachers that we were doing anything about David’s lack of attention or hyperactivity.  We just let it ride.  But after each session, we noticed a little more change.  The homework was getting done, there was less of it, and David seemed much happier.  Even though we were having a few crisis at home.  David was handling them very well.  But in February, 1992, things began to happen.  It was like David had bloomed.  The homework was down to a minimum, and my husband and I were truly ready for the upcoming parent-teacher conference.

The teacher started off with ‘Has something changed at home?  David is doing wonderfully!  His homework is complete, his grades are up, and his attention in class is unbelievable! The very first GOOD conference we had ever had with any of David’s teachers.  His grades all came up but one.  And that was reading.  But he did maintain the C that he was carrying.  We have continued to see remarkable things happen to David.  As a result of the good grades he made it on the Merit Roll.  This is not so much for grades as it is for progress.

As a result of the DAVID, our David is much easier to live with as a person.  There are no more repeated instructions, no more senseless fights with his little sister (who is six years younger).  Life is just so much easier now.  I couldn’t even begin to put into words the relief, the happiness and the thankfulness that the DAVID has brought to our David and our family.

In closing, I think any parent with a child who is having problems of any kind, learning, behavioral, psychological, any problem should be addressed by the DAVID. 

Thanks for ending our nightmare and making life just a little bit easier!”


Testimonial from Michelle Mackay
Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA
May 11, 1998

“My son has always had difficulty concentrating in school.  He has been suspended, expelled and transferred from several schools since grade 1.  Karl had to move to Edmonton in order to have access to programs and additional aide. 

Karl began using the DAVID in October of 1997.  Since using the DAVID, my mother has witnessed encouraging changes in Karl.  Karl has become more cooperative at home and at school.

We would recommend that any child suffering from ADD difficulties take advantage of the benefits of using this device.  Rather than using drugs, we strongly suggest that parents at least make an attempt to use the DAVID first.”


Testimonial from Diana Bierworth
Sherwood Park, Alberta, CANADA
January 12, 1998

“My son has ADD/ADHD and as a result has problems concentrating in school. He has also been getting into fights in the schoolyard. I first heard about the DAVID on the news. He has been using the unit since the end of November and the change in him has been very dramatic. He no longer gets into fights at school, and has a better concentration in the classroom. He is a lot calmer and is able to focus better. His teacher has also noticed a change. He does his work in class, and has very little homework now. She commented to me, ‘It’s as if he no longer has ADD/ADHD.’ He is a lot happier now and does not get as frustrated as he was before using the DAVID unit.
I would recommend the DAVID to anyone who has children with Attention Deficit Disorder or Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. The results are astonishing! Thanks for all your help with my son.”


Testimonial from Deb St. Jean
Sherwood Park, Alberta, CANADA
December 3, 1996

“At the end of grade two, June 94 in a discussion with my son Daryn’s Special Ed teacher, she indicated that he would require learning assistance until at least the end of grade nine due to Daryn’s inability to read proficiently and his inability to concentrate. 

Daryn has exhibited signs of extremely active behavior from a very early age.  During kindergarten he received testing and we were informed he showed all of the symptoms of AD/HD. Daryn found the educational system very challenging from the first day of ECS, his learning to read almost tore our family apart.  By the end of grade one neither my husband nor I would attempt to read with him because he couldn’t concentrate long enough to visually recognize the word STAR.  He is fascinated with stars, space etc, this simple word frustrated him totally as did words like THE and AND.  It also made him really recognize internally for the first time that he was different and that hurt him a lot.  What it also did was make him very competitive in any areas of his life where he was having any success to compensate for the pain and lack of success in the scholastic arena.  This of course lead to a whole other set of problems aside from the academic challenges he was already facing.

In October 1994 we were fortunate enough to learn about the DAVID though a local television show followed by an evening seminar. By this point we had nothing to lose as neither my husband nor I believe that the masking of symptoms through the use of medication is a lifetime solution.  We had tried a number of things including diet modification with only marginal results if any.  We purchased the audio-visual entrainment (AVE) unit and gave our son a future.

In early November 1995, I was asked to attend a meeting about Daryn at his school.  The number of individuals that they indicated were attending was more than at any previous meeting   From experience I had learned really bad news seems to take teamwork to deliver, the worse the news the bigger the team.  Therefore I was extremely apprehensive, even though Daryn seemed to be doing better than ever, really enjoying school and having real success in all areas as evidenced by the marks he was achieving in his note books and on his homework assignments.

At that meeting I received the second best bit of news in my son’s life to date.  The first was at birth when I was told by his pediatrician that a birth defect affecting the shape of his skull would in no way impair or affect his intellectual capabilities nor with time would have any cosmetic affects.  The news was that the school felt that if Daryn kept up his academic performance for the rest of the school year, he should be removed from the special program as he would have progressed beyond the program and could function satisfactorily in regular class with only a modified Language Arts program.  He was the first person in our county ever to leave the program because he had academically moved beyond it. The reason all those attending the meeting were there, was to share in this first of its kind success.  So I guess the moral of that story is that it takes the biggest teams to share great news.

Well, we are now a year later and Daryn has had his first report card as a student in standard class.  His lowest mark was in math, 62%.  His teacher says this no way accurately reflects reality, this is him mark in spite of submitting less than half of his grade 5 math homework assignments.  His highest mark was in Science at 79%.  He is now reading at the top end of Grade four level.  At the rate he is progressing, I wouldn’t be surprised if he is required to follow the standard grade 6 Language Arts Program.

The comments section was our biggest joy, ‘Works well with others. Works well in group situations. Is co-operative. Is really fun to have in the class.

Like many other families, we suffered all of the pain, agony and frustration that a learning impairment entails.  The audio-visual entrainment system, the DAVID, is giving our son the future we would never have dreamed possible just over two years ago.

If I had only one wish, it would be that all children who may be symptomatic of ADD or AD/HD or any learning impairment that has a comprehension component, at least have the same opportunity to experience success as our son has, because every child should have the right to future.”


 More Testimonials From Happy Parents

“Mitchell’s vocabulary has increased from approximately 15 words to 35 words over a two-week period. For the first time ever, we are able to communicate clearly with him. We have observed many wonderful new things he is now able to do. These are all great accomplishments for Mitchell.”

– Penny Siminiuk, Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA

“Jordan’s attitude at home has improved greatly. He is now able to discuss situations rather than fight about them. His marks and behavior in school have improved greatly.”

– Patty Tucker, Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA

“Adam has made improvements in many areas such as sleep, school, and social skills. We are very happy.”

– Eileen Hannah, Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA

“Ryan is much more cooperative now. He recently brought home a mark of 95% in a course he was failing in just last semester.”

– Debbie Snatynchuk, Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA

“Kyle is sleeping better. He was able to sit the whole session and really enjoyed himself!!!”

– Jeannine Hepburn, Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA

“Dallas has gone through a dramatic change. He is now much calmer and relaxed. He is progressing very well in school and has gone up the equivalent of three grade point levels. He has settled down a lot. I truly believe this works!”

– Karen Hihn, Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA