Testimonial from Ms. Terry Tremblay

Edmonton, AB, Canada

Sep 23, 2014


“As a sufferer of Progressive MS and Crohns disease, I’ve been left with little option but to use medications, but being on so many I thought I would like to try something non-drug related.                                               

One of my many symptoms is sleeping disorder. On a particular morning I woke up from one of those awful sleep-deprived nights with severe head pain and pressure, and of course, fatigue.  I could hardly move.  My friend suggested that I try her DAVID Delight Pro; I was very skeptical.  Over the years I had spent quite a bit of money on various self-help healing gadgets which claimed relief, only to be left disappointed.   I was in a terrible way that morning, and out of desperation, I decided to try the DAVID Delight Pro.  I used one of the ‘Energize’ sessions and before the time was up I felt 80 percent better and 100 percent energized, clear minded and happy when the session was completed!  Wow!

I would not have believed it if I had not tried it myself! 

Now I want to have my very own to try all the options to see how it can help my other symptoms!”


Testimonial from Kate F.


Jun 16, 2014

“From a customer who is using her Mind Alive device in conjunction with a Doctor’s supervision.

I made an appointment with Dr. Saunders to receive help with bipolar depression and pain. I have struggled for over 15 years and have tried everything to find relief. Within just a few months of receiving help from Dr. Saunders with TDCS and CES, my condition is in complete remission. I got my life back! I couldn’t be more grateful! I feel confident to be able to use tDCS and CES for health on my own thanks to his help . I feel completed liberated, strong, and empowered.”


Testimonial from Vangelis Kapantais
Belconnen, AUSTRALIA
October 10, 2001

“Thank you very much for your product catalogue. I already am a proud owner of the DAVID and will be ordering some accessories and the Tru-Vu Omniscreen Eyeset.

In your letter you mention that research is being conducted of the positive effects of the DAVID devices. I’d like to say that in March 2000 I was diagnosed with Bells Palsy and of course went to the doctor, got the shoulder shrug and the prescription. After 10 days there was no visible or physical improvement – still slurring my words and the weeping eye – then it dawned on me – try the DAVID, so I did!

In the first three weeks I did 3 x 40 minute Delta sessions – and was 90% cured from Bells Palsy. I repeated the same course of sessions over the next week and recovered totally.

I would think from my experience that you may want to assess conducting research into treating Bells Palsy.”


Testimonial from R. Smith
Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA
February 14,  2000

“I participated in the PMS study for two months, using DAVID on a daily basis.  I mostly used at bedtime as I always fell asleep almost immediately. They were very relaxing. As well, I found it to have quite a profound affect on my PMS symptoms. This was the first time in a long time that I was caught completely unprepared for my period.  I previously experienced a lot of fluid retention problems and a mental loss of control of my emotions with irritability and depression occurring monthly and sometimes midmonth as well.  My second and third month experiences have not been quite as profound but certainly an improvement over my previous state.

As well I found these treatments affected my headaches that I frequently get from a sinusitis condition.  I was able to remarkably reduce my analgesic use and also decrease my usage of my prescription for this condition. I have been on this medication for 15 years without improvement until now.”


Testimonial from Beverly Corrigan
Concord, Ontario, CANADA
May 13, 1998

“I was diagnosed with Hepatitis B and aluminum toxicity fifteen years ago. Although my health gradually improved with naturopathic treatments, I continued to suffer from chronic pain, low vitality, allergic hypersensitivity, headaches, digestive disturbances, insomnia, diminished mental performance, depression, and anxiety. Five years ago the stress of teaching high school under the weight of these symptoms became unbearable, and I resorted to medication, which enabled me to continue working, but aggravated my symptoms. Determined to find a way to restore my mental and physical balance, a telephone conversation with David Siever motivated me to try the DAVID.

I kept a record of my progress, and after six months of using the DAVID twice a day, the following changes had occurred: reduction in the intensity and frequency of pain, increased energy and stamina, improved sleep, greater mental clarity, and the alleviation of depression and anxiety.

The DAVID soon became the first therapeutic device that I reached for: it not only provided immediate relief from pain, headaches, fatigue, insomnia, and anxiety but its beneficial effects were cumulative, producing long-term changes. My immune system has been strengthened. Multiple allergies used to be a major source of discomfort; now the few remaining are a minor annoyance, quickly alleviated by natural remedies. I have a much higher resistance to viruses and haven’t had any acute illnesses in several years. My metabolic rate has increased. My energy used to be low during the day, gradually increasing at night, which resulted in chronic insomnia; now my energy is highest during the day, when I’m most active.

Using a DAVID session to relax and recharge is the early evening improved my mental performance, allowing me to read faster and to remember information more accurately.

In an educational setting, the DAVID is my students’ preferred method of accelerating learning, recall, and creative thinking. When combined with behaviour modification audiotapes, it facilitates the release of mental blocks and emotional distress.

I now enjoy a sense of well-being that I couldn’t have imagined a few years ago and am propelled by enthusiasm to accomplish my goals. The DAVID has been a powerful catalyst for healing and personal development, and is an integral part of managing my life.”


Testimonial from Dave Guard
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

September 27, 1990

“I want to tell you what a great help the DAVID has been to me. I have now completed a series of ten chemotherapy sessions over a thirty-week period, during which I used the DAVID every day. The elapsed time daily varied between a half-hour and two hours, napping, listening to music or repeating my mantra. In every instance there was a sense of welcome relief from the rigors of chemotherapy.

I had come home from the hospital with prescriptions for Tylenol 3 with codeine for pain, Restoril to get me to sleep and Xanax for anxiety. They all did their job but I found my physical demand cycle for them growing shorter all the time. However, I was soon able to break into this process and replace the afternoon medication with a session on the DAVID.

Then six weeks after leaving the hospital I decided to forgo these “comfort” medications to see if I could sort out the stresses of the illness from those of the pharmaceutical dependency, and confront my true symptoms, meaning that whenever I felt especially lousy I would take a session on the DAVID…..Anytime. In every case I was able to go from a negative situation to one of relief and optimism, often followed by healing sleep, but also when necessary, to be allowed to function properly so as to keep running a small business from my home. Encouraged by this, I kicked all these chemical prescriptions out of my house – the cravings subsided after three weeks – and I’m very sure I would have had a monumentally difficult struggle were it not for the DAVID. I’m not suggesting that the DAVID ought to be prescribed for patients in acute need of humanitarian comforts, to the detriment of the interest of our beloved pharmaceutical industry; but on the other hand would like to offer the opinion that when such drugs have completed their assignments and it’s time to get back to normal, then the DAVID might be regarded as an excellent transitional vehicle.

If I maintain my proper discipline, there is a good chance I can be free from lymphoma after another year. This means getting from 9 to 12 hours sleep every day, never neglecting herbal dosages, etc., – but at the same time I have been encouraged by my doctors to lead a normal life otherwise. More than that, the heightened awareness of one’s mortality is an inspiration to accomplish as many life goals as possible in the remaining time.

With this in mind, I flew to Sweden this summer to participate in their Vastervik Folk Song festival. I used the DAVID both ways on the plane to minimize my jet-lag. When I arrived at the festival after 20 straight hours of travel, I was informed that my public appearances would commence in two hours. I couldn’t rely on a mere nap to revitalize me, so I recomposed myself with a session on the unit. During the summertime, the Swedes tend to lead twenty hour days, and this was the reverse of my recent past, where I had been sleeping that length of time daily. Again and again it was the goggles and earphones to the rescue for me. I went on from the festival to the World Equestrian Games in Stockholm and was able to videotape all the fence-jumping on the cross-country course, a five-mile event in 100 degree heat, and then continue on with the rest of my day just as a completely healthy person would.

Another unexpected application cropped up not long ago. I had enjoyed a delicious Chinese dinner in Boston, but woke up in the middle of the night with the MSG blues: heart pounding like mad. I reached for the DAVID immediately in the hope that it would help me stabilize my processes, and yea, it sure did!

Nowadays I’m still carefully monitoring my energy expenditures, which often means going to be tired but not sleepy, so I’ll do a Theta session for amusement and then a Delta to take me surely to sleep. When it’s a bit noisy in the early morning and I’m wakened but know I’ll require more rest, I’ll manually punch in a half-hour at 2 Hz, followed by the same amount of time at 1 Hz, then get ready for the new day with a spell of 7.83. I must have put in a thousand hours by now, but I feel there is so much more to explore. I can’t believe all this comes from pulsations of light and sound, but I should … since my professional duties are divided between music and video production.

Speaking of that, it looks like I will be in for some heavy-duty action in the near future: A reunion of the Original Kingston Trio (I was the founder and leader) and interwoven into almost the same time-frame, an hour long video project entitled Intensive Equestrian Conditioning to be taped in Scotland this fall and winter, and I will produce and direct that. So I want to thank you very much for letting me try out the new Paradise unit, it looks like a person could shape the session rather precisely, shop around a bit, have a real adventure, if that feels appropriate.

I could go on at great length about the sensations of color and pattern, the feelings of well-being and the freedom to either drift off or to maintain trains of reasoning and/or imagery, but it seems other folks have done a great job with that already. I just wanted to share some very real experiences with you and to express my gratitude to you and David Siever for making such remarkable technology available in my hour of greatest need!”


More Testimonials 

“I really enjoyed taking part in the hypertension research project – especially when it brought my blood pressure down.  I liked using the DAVID unit as it was very calming and relaxing.  I always looked forward to the time when I would use the unit.”  – Pat Neill   

“Nick used the unit and found it worked well.  He used it frequently, not only because it lowered his blood pressure, but I think he felt better mentally as well.  He is in excellent mental health but this (I think) calmed him.  I believe his blood pressure has been lowered since using the unit to this date.  Nick also used less medication.  We believe this is very helpful.”    – Maxine & Nick Poburan

“In December I bought one of your devices to help my sister who has been seriously physically ill and also suffering from some stress due to certain war-related news and noise in her area just outside the country’s largest naval base. I am happy to report that she experienced great relief on the second day she used your machine and was able to enjoy a good night’s sleep, which relief has continued. Thank you so much.”     – Lucy Mendenhall