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Mind Alive Inc. has been designing and manufacturing equipment for improving brain performance for over 35 years. This equipment includes Audio-Visual Entrainment (AVE), Cranio-Electro Stimulation (CES), Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) and Microcurrent Electrotherapy (MET) devices. These innovative products are used worldwide as a non-pharmaceutical approach to improved mental health, increased relaxation and well-being.



Why Sleep is Important For Seniors' Brain Health

In case you didn't realize it, getting older can be a complicated process for you and your physiology. It’s also known to cause havoc on your sleep cycles from time to time, depending on who you are and what your age is.


What?! A Pain-Free Visit to the Dentist?

I had a dentist appointment recently and decided to take a DAVID Delight Plus with me and try out the Audio-Visual Entrainment (AVE) “Feeling Better” session number 4 – Extended Deep Alpha Relaxer and see how it worked.

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AVE to Improve My Sports Performance by Marissa Ponich - Fencer

I started fencing when I was 19, which is later than most. When I was younger, I tried various sports, but none that I fell in love with. I found this sport through when my husband, who was just a friend at the time, introduced me to it. I immediately found a fencing club and have been training ever since. I fell in love with this sport instantly. It is a game of physical chess;...


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